Our New Training Academy As Seen on MTV Beauty School Cop Outs !!


For all your Tattoo's, Piercings & our new Training Academy
Special Offer on all Tattoo's now £50.00 per hour
All Piercings £15.00
Tattitude consists of 4 studio's which are located in Manchester City Centre, Manchester Arndale, Stretford and Burnley, aswell as a fully fitted mobile studio which can be found at various shows around the country during the year.

Each studio is fully health authority registered and operates to the highest possible standards so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your health and safety are priority

We offer all types of tattoooing, including permanent make up and specialise in cover ups. We can if necessary, lighten previous tattoos with our laser before working over it so you wi;ll never know its a cover up. it is also possible to use colour for cover ups not just black like alot of people think.
We also have an electro dermographic machine which can lighten tattoos for cover ups, it can also do brandings which gives the apperance of a white tattoo.

We also perform body piercings including dermal anchors, we use a wide range of equipment to help make the process as pain free as possible.

Our talented artists have extensive experience and are dedicated in producing top quality work. due to demand one of our artists has had a regular guest spot in south easty asia, in edition to working in the uk, enabling him to study thai, japenese, tibetan styles and meanings.
We have also been involved in tv work aswell as being asked to tattooo ed sheeran recently, we are also on mtv's new show beauty school copouts training the cast tattooing at our training academy.

We also have a range of clothing available at our city centre studio or on this website, take a look around this site for clothing and examples of our work